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Dar Freeland
Dar Freeland
Partner at Cricket Graphics

A multi-talented artist and writer at her studio called Cricket Graphics of Las Vegas, in The Arts Factory. Dar has developed many different lines of artwork using some very innovative techniques. The Alchemy technique involves paintings on glass and lifting images from the surface to different types of papers. She created a 4 foot square Tibetan inspired sand mandala , or sand painting over a 7 week period that included nearly 700 hours of painting with colored grains of sand, and finally to be swept away.

Dar has also developed a line of characters that adorn the walls of Cricket Graphics Studio, called "Face Up - The Art of Recognition. Each one makes his/her own statement "A bored mind will create drama" and "Art means getting your hands dirty", she has also created sculptures from clay, and painted bright colors, called Yogos.

She is currently working on developing CrickArt™ illustration fonts YogosOne and MeeplesOne .

Dar Freeland is a freelance and assignment illustrator, and fine artist. She incorporates a looseness and irreverent style in much of her work, as well as tight detail in her ink work.
Brian Swanson
Partner at Cricket Graphics

Trained as a technical illustrator in the aerospace field, Brian draws on this sense of nutso-perfection to painstakingly craft sets of illustrations called CrickArt™, Illustrations set in an easy to use font format. He is a detailed illustrator, graphic designer and web designer at Cricket Graphics in downtown Las Vegas. Being a fan of useless machinery and old useful machinery, he has an eye for and a passion for quirky images and characters.

As an artist, Brian needs to have his hands clean...
All of his pencils and pens have to be lined up, just so. He spent most of his childhood taking things apart and then remembering how they looked, and gifted to be able to recall those images to paper.

Brian has created BelfryBats, ByteMe, Commbats, Coso, RetroMetro, SwinginDick and SinBats.

Brian Swanson
Cricket Graphics  107 east charleston blvd.,  studio 203  las vegas, nevada 89104 usa  

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