This page features art produced by design professionals who have CrickArt™ Illustration Fonts in their design toolbelt.
Thanks again for your contribution. Please feel free to submit your own designs, to be featured on this page.
Bombshell graphic
Brooks Ayola
Brooks Ayola Photography
Photographer, Graphic Designer and Web designer.
Chatsworth, CA

Brooks used RetroMetro™ lowercase "b" to create logo for Bombshell Cosmetics. He typed the "Bomb" symbol in Adobe Illustrator, saved it as an EPS file, then opened it in Adobe Photoshop. He then selected the body of the bomb and not the motion lines, deselected the highlight cutouts. Then he incorporated a texture from KPT Texture Explorer, and create a bevel in Alien Skin to give the bomb some dimension.

"I like using CrickArt fonts because I'm always sure the image will print crisp and smooth, even at very large sizes."
— brooks ayola

big smoke by Troy Obrien Troy O'Brien
The Merica Agency
Art Director
Las Vegas, Nevada

"As an Art Director in the Las Vegas market, we are constantly challenged by our resort- casino clients to develop logos for their constantly growing diverse list of product and services. When faced with task of designing a new logo I always visit CrickArt™ to find a quick and cost efficent visual solution. Their diverse collection of illustrations provide the perfect foundation for the development of logos and icons.
With the infinate number of options afforded to todays designers by the software we use, we can start with the bare SinBats icon and embellish it to satisfy our own tastes and needs. The Big Smoke example shown here
started with the one color cigar art.
From this foundation, color was added in Photoshop by using the paintbucket tool and then given dimension though the use of Kai's Power Tools carve filter. All up, a very simple and time efficient way of developing a logo."

— troy o'brien

Elchysian Manufacturing by Cary Bruecher
Cary Bruecher
Design Syndicate
Venice, Ca

Using the SwinginDick collection, Cary used this robotic man icon with simple shapes and patches of color behind it to create movement and energy. In Illustrator he also created a skewed extended hard drop shadow, adding even more depth.
Although Cary is an accomplished illustrator and designer, he knows how to make creative images from simple solutions. This is an example of how to get a lot of impact with relatively basic knowledge of a draw program.

"CrickArt fonts work for me because they are such strong images. I can freely add a simple color patch to the background and I've got what I need, just like that!"
—cary bruecher

Papyrus by Debra Heiser
Debra Heiser
DHD (Debra Heiser Design)
Las Vegas, NV
Web Site:

"I took the "x" character of the Coso font, then chose the font Papyrus which I felt was a good match to the Coso characters and also a perfect name for a restaurant. I then altered the “x” character to more fully resemble a “y,” replaced the Papyrus “y” with the Coso and further altered it to resemble the texture of the Papyrus font. I finished it off with a simple earth color choice and voilà."
— debra heiser

hot and cool card Brian Swanson
Cricket Graphics
Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Web Designer.
Las Vegas, NV

Using BelfryBats™ to create logo for The Arts Factory of Las Vegas. We used the image of the factory billowing smoke for a promotional postcard for the Arts Factory, and it just kind of stuck as the logo.

On this promo card for one of the building's gallery openings, the illustration was put on a separate layer in Photoshop, colored white, beveled with Alien Skin and then a drop shadow and opacity was added.

"We created BelfryBats™ for our own use, and it was the collection that started the whole illustration-in-a-font CrickArt™ frenzy".
— brian swanson

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